Photo Galleries for the Extended

James J. Shanahan Families

    Dear Family & Friends,

     Please share and enjoy all of our family photos!  I have tried to organize them into galleries by family.    Since this is just a rough first pass on this site, changes can be made, and if you want me to create any additional galleries, just let me know.  If you see any photographs that you like, please feel free to download them. 

    And please, please, please if you have any photos you would like to share with our extended family, use the upload button underneath the gallery to add them to your family gallery.  We all love to browse through the old memories.

Suggestions are welcome.

     Isn't it too bad there weren't any iPhones back on Etzel and Sutter Avenues? Think how many pictures we would all have.  I have scanned and uploaded every photo print I could find, and I am sure there are more out there hiding in boxes in the basement, garage and attic.  Go get them!

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